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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now, at 6:00, remembers the the four children who lost their lives in the street fire in southwest philadelphia last month. today, a funeral was held for those victims. good saturday evening. i'm george spencer. friends and family gathered in southwest philadelphia to mourn the lives of brothers tosh and this mayor twin sisters. moniq braxton spoke to the fath and monique, what did he tell
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you about a month later? >> reporter: the father told us he still has too many unanswered questions. we were here for about four hours at the service. the dinner just wrappeded up and the family doeser. hundreds gathered late this morning for a moving service for four little ones. tiny caskets is your surrounded by flowers and photos and a way by line the pulpit of the parish. members of the community city officials and others, gathered here for the service were for the 4-year-old twins marine and mariana and their brothers. the four-year-old and seven-month-old. during the emotional three and a half hour service, the officials
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from the embassy offered words of comfort and city council members read a citation including a woman that launch aid task force to investigate how the victims died. many in the crowd wore t-shirts noting the tragedy on july 5th. the children perished when a raging blaze engulfed eight homes here in the 26500 block f guest her street. the commissioner told us that the cause of the fire may never be known because extensive damage to the initial area of the fire destroyed the physical evidence required. but parents of the dead children want answers. >> what happened? how did this happen? i want to know how it happened? >> reporter: this is how we found it when we rushed to the scene of devastation and heartbreak today. lighted candles and stuffed animals. though full of sorrow, this community tells us that they do
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plan to rebuild. >> the president of the association of pennsylvania tells us it is planning to meet with the family to the decide on how to proceed after the investigation. the ministers association is planning a fundraiser tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 to launch the reconstruction efforts. live for now in southwest philadelphia. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to a developing story in ferguson, missouri. hours ago, the governor declared a state of emergency. an a curfew has been instituted from midnight until 5:00 a.m. days of protest ever since a police officer shot and kill and unarmed teenager. some demonstrations have turned into the violent clashes with police and officers using teargas and rubber bullets. tepgss calmed on thursday after the missouri state police took over crowd control but last
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night emotions flared once again. demonstrators break into hey convenience store where the police accused brown of stealing cigars before he died. people here at home have been paying close attention and tonight, there's a vigil for michael brown in the summerville section of philadelphia. that's where our doug shimmel is now. doug? >> reporter: this vigil was organized by the economic development global enterprise group or e.d.g.e. and they said they wanted to hold a peaceful rally after watching days of coverage of clashes on the tv with some protesters. and they said their message is the predominantly white police force needs to be ai f to have a better relationship with the predominantly african-american community there. >> we don't want that to happen at all. we want to have a relationship with them. that's why e.d.g. earnings ise..
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they came together and they're clearing out the community and they're doing the outreach with the youth, especially the youth, because it starts with them. >> and one of the things e.d.g.e. is doing is hold a voter raej administration drive tonight and signing a card which they say they will send to the family of michael brown this coming week. live in summerville, doug shimell, the nbc 10. we've confirmed that a man killed at a philadelphia rl chinese food restaurant was an electrician who was just out for an evening with a friend. family members tell us that the man was shot overnight and lucky garden near 525th hand landsdown in the overbrook section. police say he was arguing with a third man that opened fire. that shooter is still on the loose. firefighters say conditions gave them a tough time in north philadelphia this afternoon but got the upper hand on the fire at a home on north 15th street.
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they say it was hard to get inside but everyone made it out safely. there's no word yet on any injuries. it has really been a great day to get outside. nbc 10 in west philadelphia this afternoon. what do we call these folks sitting out in their yard? obviously, enjoying the sunshine. here's the philadelphia museum of art and we're seeing another mild august day bibubba we could see some changes in the weather. in we have a look at what to expect. >> yes, george. >> reporter: we're watching changes as we go into your sunday. maybe a few showers to start offer the day tomorrow. but in the meantime it's really nice outside right now and plenty of sunshine. it is warmer than it was yesterday but we are dry. if you look off to our northwest moving to new york and off to the west and kentucky and ohio, we'll have extra moisture.
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both weather features will bring us more moisture so that's why the rain chances will increase. it won't be a washout but we'll have some showers and maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast. but not all day type of thing. temperature right now in philadelphia 180 degrees, so a little warmer than yesterday. lehigh valley, mid-to-upper 70s. south jersey and delaware, closer to the shore, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s right now. as we go through the rest of your evening, tonight it will be nice. a few more clouds moving in. 74 by 9:00 p.m. and right around 70 by 11:00 p.m. and we could see a late shower but i'll show you the timing of any rain for tomorrow straight ahead. that's coming up. okay, getting ready for round go. the dragons have one win under their belt at the little league world series. led by their breakout star pitcher, they look ahead to their next game against texas tomorrow night. let's go to comcast sportsnet
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and harry, you caught up with the team today at program it's the. how optimistic are they about their chances tomorrow in. >> good evening from historic wi williamsport. optimism is an understatement. this team is locked in and focused. >> reporter: absolutely excited. an accolade last night for month nay davis. the star pitcher. the first girl in little league world series history to ever puch a shutout so that was a definite milestone for this team but i caught up with them at the batting cages. here's the video of that. they arrived at 3:30 a.m. really focused and having fun. making very good contact with the ball in the batting cages but definitely you can feel the excitement, the focus, as i mentioned. the city of philadelphia has completely supported the dragons. the first time in the city's hiry a team ever made it to the
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little league world series and the players appreciate that, to saw the least. >> my mom has told me a lot about this back in philadelphia so, yeah. >> what do you want to say to philadelphia. >> thanks for the support and hopefully, we'll take another win home some day. >> city hall, asystem approximately, yesterday for our game. i'm happy that philadelphia is supporting us. >> the game will be tomorrow night here at the stadium. texas taking on philadelphia and pennsylvania. reporting live in williamsport, comcast sportsnet. all right. thanks. you can count on us for complete coverage of the dragons and their big quest for the world series title. still ahead, prowling for easy targets, some startling allegations being leveled
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against a couple accused of kidnapping two amish sisters. what we're learning about their intentions. plus, please for peace after a violent sumner philadelphia, children are learning more about the importance of nonviolence.
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we're learning that a couple accused of kidnapping amish sisters may have been planning to abduct other children. they say the pair was prowling for easy targets. they're now charged with first degree kidnapping with the intent to physically harm or sexually abuse the victims. the young sisters were kidnapped on winds but the next day they turned up safe. and some changes as we go
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into sunday and watching the changes. coming up, the timing of that and our next chance for more thunderstorms. that's next.
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texas governor calls the indictment against him an out way gous abuse of power and says he plans to fight it. he was indicted just yesterday on abuse of power charges. the republicans vetoed this because the democratic official heading to the office refused to resign and she had been convicted of drunk driving. >> we don't settle political differences with indictments in this country. it is outrageous that some would use partizan political theatrics to rip away at the very fabric of our state's constitution. >> perry calls for the charges obviously political. the investigative unit is based in austin, a heavily democratic
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city where the grand jury was seated. the rest of texas is heavily republican. demonstrators walked the streets of center city over the crisis in ukraine. ♪ local ukrainians took part in this unity march against terrorism. demanding the russian government stop supporting military efforts in eastern ukraine. the protesters say they may behalf a world away but their hearts are with ukrainians during this turmoil. similar marches planned for new york, washington, detroit and san francisco. meanwhile, the summer of peace arrives in cobb's creek today. the annual event is designed to teach kids about alternatives to violence including foot and men tu of activity for the kids. the event was sponsored by anthony hardy williams and a visit by city councilwoman janie
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blackwell. and governor took corbit grabs a kayak. in bradford county, this is mart of a two-day effort to push tourism. he says outdoor recreation along the route 6 corridor puts almost $6 billion that the local economy. travel and tourism support some 470,000 jobs after paddling the river, the governor took part in an archery demonstration at a nearby state park. a football season is upon us. and fans are welcoming it with opened arms. radio station 97.5 held a fanatic fantasyfest and it was in south philadelphia. a kickoff and brian hawkins was there and the smash zone, people could smashup a bunch of games and you may recognize our own meteorologist sheena parvinep i want to see if her putt goes in. they didn't show the swing. >> they didn't show it. >> maybe that's lucky.
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did it go in? >> there's nothing for it to go into. you basically swung and hit the ball and they told you how far you hit it or how straight it went or didn't go. i had to go barefoot because i was wearing heels. vai sikahema was barefoot. >> you said it was a fun time? >> great time. 97.5 put it on or nbc live. brian dawkins, and -- >> the whole crowd. >> soo it was great. a lot of great people out there and great day for all those outdoor things? >> but things may be changing with that? >> a bit of a change tomorrow but nothing that will really ruin your day. here's a look from cape may from the marquee delafayette hotel. here's a beach. nice conditions this afternoon and it's warm but the good news is it is dry so a lot of people are taking advantage of this weather today at the shore. we're seeing nice conditions, but tomorrow we could be in for at least a few showers around
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the your. so you'll see things change that's bit. slightly warmer temperatures today and tomorrow compared to yesterday and the day before, that felt more like fall but things with starting to heat up a little bit. next week, more storms in the forecast and the humidity. it will stay around. here's a live look from center city from the acaquariaquarium. sunny and dry and 80 degrees. humidity is low. a little bit higher than yesterday but still feels nice. lehigh valley, mid-to-upper 70s. warmer than yesterday. south jersey and delaware, temperatures in the upper 70s. so it is warmer through the entire area. feels a little more like summer in some sports with a bit of extra humidity. but we're nice and dry. rain to the north and west and off to the west been both weather features will move in overnight and you'll notice more in the way of cloud cover tomorrow and we could see a few showers out of it.
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the future weather for tonight keeps us dry. notice clouds startsing to move in overnight and early tomorrow morning tepding on how early you wake up. at 7:00, more showers and clouds around through the day tomorrow. we should be sort of in a hit or miss type of pattern. so we'll see more clouds around and then some showers or maybe a few thunderstorms around. i don't think it will be a washout of a day at all but we'll have the rain in the forecast for at least part of the area, along the shore tomorrow within same thing, more in the way of clouds with a chance of rape. sunny, high of 80. on tuesday we start to see more rain in the forecast. but tonight, more clouds, mid 60s in philadelphia. upper 50s north and west tomorrow and a chance of early shower remaining and then we'll see more clearing as we go into monday. mid 80s on monday. nice conditions but starting monday night into tuesday, we'll have showers and storms in the forecast and those hang around for part of next week. coming up in sports, the phillies in action in san francisco. we'll show you how they're
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fairing on the west coast. and the eagle's offense looks much improved. nick foles explained on the other side. stick around.
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time to check in with lester holt for a look what's coming up on the nbc nicely news from new york. lester? coming up tonight. more looting 0er7b9 in ferguson on the heels of a emergency released tape now the governor declares a curfew. and why rick perry says the federal indictment for abuse of power is outrageous and a abuse of power itself. and why packing hate is encouraged on the job. an american taip town named "rifle" and others like it. and we'll introduce you to a 13-year-old girl who is shutting down the little league competition and making history
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when we see you in a few minutes for the "nightly news." george, back to you in philly. busy news week. thanks a lot. see you in a few minutes. live and in your living room, i'm here from comcast sportsnet. the focus shifted last night from the little leaguers to the eagles and primetime. the birds play their second preseason game against the patriots. jeremy mackland or cooper last night. pat's first drive and second out, tom brady picked off by carry williams and he's ghost. williams once called with the pet" last night nothing but respect for them. he pulled his hamstring in the process of this return and he was done for the night. 7-0, birds. the patriots come back and their next drive they march down the field, 74 yards and tapped off by this 16-yard tom brady touchdown. and swrosh is on the return and
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he hooks one back over 1 0 yards last week. but he had sat most of the game with the shoulder injury. they got it in the second and nick foles to zach ernstp and mark sanchez, even more sizzling. 11-12. two td's and this one was a much better showing. >> i thought when you get back we performed and how we moved, we got to see it. it's better, obviously, than chicago and the first group's performance. >> human nature if you have a bad game you want to have your good game the next game you don't want to have a bad game again but going into the bears team i felt good. i made a couple of mistakes that
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was good to prok today's hard. i was able to go against the different defense all week with my guys and i felt good out there. >> the diamond and houdini, eat your heart out. san francisco, won 5-3 in ten innings. it ended after 1:30 in the morning on the east coast. no rest because right now, back in progress. ryan howard against tim hudson. a kbie he has flat-out owned. second inning single to right and rollins races and ties the game and won. 3-1 in the fifth. two on for howard and he expands and tlifre remains opened. and the sixth inning, it's 5-2. and using part of his off-season to help the youngsters to win the game. in king of prussia this morning for his own basketball camp.
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he said that his parents ran most of them. the rookie of the year proved instruction and guidance for youngsters around the delaware valley and is happy to get back. >> i just warranted them to get a chance to pick my brain a little bit. to see how -- how has been nba player interacts with young kids and how to be a good role model. i'm trying to teach that. outside of basketball. what school worked and other things. i wanted to come out and have a good time. that's all. >> finally in sports, check it out. from the hardwoods to a guy acting like a basketball player on the football field, saints tied in, a former college basketball player at the university of miami, the celebration is to dunk over the goalpost. the problem is that the nfl made it a penalty. but graham didn't care. he forced two touchdowns last night and dumped the football over the goalpost twice and was penalized twice.
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sean payton -- last year, jimmy grand made it askew and this all had to be awe penalty against them. that's sports, george, back to you. >> different way to celebrate. thank you very much. and first half of the weekend, beautiful, but tomorrow is going to be a little bit of a downhill slight? >> tomorrow is going to be different. showers in the forecast tomorrow. a little more than cloud cover. mid 80s but different than today. not a washout. >> that is nbc 10 news for now. i'm george spencer. see you back here tonight at 11:00. nbc "nightly news" is next. see you then.
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on this saturday night, city on edge. a state of emergency declared and curfew imposed in ferguson, missouri, as a piece of video becomes a new flashpoint over the shooting of an unarmed man. vowing to fight, texas governor rick perry says his federal indictment for abuse of power is outrageous and an abuse of power itself. packing heat at a growing number of restaurants nationwide. we take you inside where both diners and servers are armed. and who's that girl? this 13-year-old is making history on the little league field with a pitch-perfect performance on the mound.


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